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How to start!

  1. Sign in through steam.
  2. Put an actual Trade Offer link into a Settings.
  3. Make your inventory public in the Steam Profile.
  4. Make sure you enable Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. Read about authenticator.
  5. Choose items for bet and click button "Make deposit"!


  1. You can bet no more than 25 items.
  2. Cost of your bet no less than d0.01
  3. Game lasts 2 minutes or once the 50 skins is achieved on the deposit.
  4. A Service Commission is from 0 up to 9% depending on a sum of winning. Random skins of the general deposit are taken as a Service Commission.

How to get the winning?

  1. Trade Offers with the winner's prize are transferred by our bot in automatic mode.
  2. If you win you will see a pop-up with congratulations and the won sum.
  3. A Trade Offer is sent to the indicated Trade Offer link in your Settings within 5-10 minutes. You should accept the Trade Offer.
  4. Sending of items can rarely take longer period of time because of Steam Lags or issues with Mobile Confirmation.


  1. You will get 10 skins for first deposit on our site. The game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive MUST be present on Steam!
  2. You will get 3 skins for first deposit in game.
  3. Referral programm

Top round

Top round is a round which you can get guaranteed win. You need to get chance more than 77.7% for winning that round.

EZ 3%
EZ 3%
бро и затащил deposit first. He will get 3 skins
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Хочу ставить нету чем
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Продам почку
Lol :D
Не дорого
AlìD played first game. He will get 10 skins
10 рублей
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когда не хватает на драгон лор 10 рублей
Lol :D
Та 10 рублей это твоя
продам почку 10 рулей
Lol :D
Рулей deposit first. He will get 3 skins
| got 0.1 $ referral reward
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albedo logged in played first game. He will get 10 skins
СеКурити deposit first. He will get 3 skins
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